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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Did You See What We Saw?

I have always been fascinated by the story of the shepherds and the angels.  What must it have been like to be there on that most special of all nights as a host of Heavenly Angels appeared in the sky to announce that the Savior of the world had been born just a short distance away in Bethlehem.  Then to hear them sing their praises!  It's hard to imagine.

And then, what of their very next encounter?  What would they say to the first person they saw just after such a glorious occasion?  Well, my abilities to describe this are so very limited. But, I do so enjoy writing scripts for church dramas . . . well, the two I have written . . . that I have been inspired by this poignant tale to try to put into words what might have happened on that night following that unimaginable visit.  I think it would make an excellent drama for a Christmas program. (Not that my version will be excellent.)  I'm very excited about what I have so far.  I've completed the first scene and I wanted to share it with you, though it may be some time before the manuscript is completed, if ever.

It's hard to put myself out there like this, but, here goes.

It's totally character driven, so you will have to imagine voice inflections as they might occur in a normal conversation.  It's a risky move, but I've added punctuation that might make it easier for your to hear as you read.

Did You Se What We Saw?
By Dennis Manor

Scene 1

(Men in shepherd's clothing are talking and gesturing excitedly as Ahijah walks into the camp.)

Benjamin:  Ahijah, did you see what we saw?

Ahijah:  I couldn’t see anything.  It’s pitch black out there!  I only found the lost lamb by following the noise he was making.

Caleb: You didn’t see?

Ahijah: See what?
Daniel: Who!

Caleb: Ahijah.

Ahijah: What!?

Caleb: I was talking to Daniel.

Daniel: What?

Caleb: I was asking Ahijah if he saw what we saw.

Ahijah: What!?!?

Daniel: Who!!!

Ahijah and Caleb: What?!!!

Daniel: Who! Who we saw, not what we saw!

Ahijah: I see.

Caleb: You saw???

Ahijah: What!

Daniel: Who!!!!!

Ahijah: You!!

Daniel and Caleb: What???!!!

Ahijah:  I see what you mean.  Who, not what.

Caleb: Who do you mean you saw?

Ahijah:  I didn’t see anybody!!  You did!!

Daniel: We did.

Ahijah: Who??????

Daniel: Us.

Ahijah: You???

Daniel: Who else?

Ahijah: What???????

Daniel: Who else saw what??

Ahijah: You just said you saw a who, not a what!

Daniel: We did.

Ahijah: What?!?!?!?!?!?!

Daniel: Saw a who!!

Benjamin: Lots of ‘em!

Ahijah: Lots of whats???????????

Benjamin: No, lots of whos.

Ahijah: Who did you see doing what?!?

Caleb: (looking off set) That lamb’s wandering off again.  You better go get him.

Benjamin: We’ll tell you all about it when you get back.

Ahijah: What????????????

Benjamin: It.

Daniel: Who!

Caleb: Me.

Ahijah:  God help us!

Benjamin: Oh! So you did see!

(All the other shepherds smile and nod knowingly to each other as the lights dim to black.)

(end of scene)

I can only hope that you were as touched by reading this as I was in writing it.



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