If it doesn't count for Christ, it doesn't count.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow . . . that can be a good thing!

All healing is from God. There is medicine, which He has given us. There are doctors and nurses gifted by God to find, learn, think, and perform treatments and procedures that repair and/or heal. There is technology developed, changed, and improved over time that is used by those whom God has gifted with medical knowledge and abilities. There is God's miraculous healing, which we somehow see as more of a miracle than His use of men and women in the healing process, which, when you think about it, is quite miraculous in a very obvious way.

Do that. Think about that. How often does God's glory take a back seat to mankind's "ability" when it comes to matters of our life here no matter how important or insignificant they may be?

I have experienced this very thing over the past two days. A God-gifted person using God given technology told me yesterday afternoon that a serious issue was taking place in my one "good" eye. The "fix" was fairly easy, somewhat routine, but had to take place right away. So, an appointment was made with a retina specialist to zap me with a laser this morning and repair the tear that she saw in my eye.

This morning Sharon and I show up just a few minutes early to the specialist, the same one who had operated on my other eye three times for three torn retinas some twenty years ago. Due to some other complications, that eye has been no good to me in all these years. I've learned to live with it, but we've been praying for a healing.

Well, the SAME technology that was used by another doctor to find the tear in the first place was used by this doctor to find no such problem in my eye. The tear that was there yesterday was gone today! There is evidence of something else that happened, but no tear. And what did happen is pretty normal for someone my age with the eyes that I have. But, there was no tear! . . . Did I say that there was no tear?

I had not put this information out in a big way last night, but I did ask some people to pray about this. You can draw whatever conclusions you want. I even went to the notion of a misdiagnosis yesterday. Makes sense, doesn't it? But, if I am so ready to explain away the way God obviously worked in this, why would I have even asked for prayer in the first place? The logical answer here is misdiagnosis, but that takes some explaining. It calls for a conclusion that what one doctor said was there actually wasn't there. But, one doctor doesn't send you to another doctor for laser treatment on a whim, or a good guess. They do that on evidence.

The easy answer is that I experienced a healing directly from God. All of the evidence in this situation says that this is exactly what happened.

So why, again, would I want to explain away God's miraculously obvious touch on my life in this way? Well . . . I don't. I've had a miracle healing! And it's not yea for me. It's YEA FOR GOD!

Everything he brings or allows into our lives is for His glory, His purpose, and our perfection, which is for His glory.

The condition of my eye leaves it susceptible to tears and other problems. It could happen at any time. God could keep it from happening. I hope He does. But, whatever he does I hope I can allow His will to be done in a way that His glory shines.

Also, about my "bad" eye. My retina specialist thinks he can give me enough vision in that eye to help with balance and equilibrium and such. He's making no promises, but there is hope. Is this what all that was really about? Prayers to be answered soon? . . . Yep. One way or the other, and that to His glory.

If we are going to pray, and ask for prayer, we have to be ready for God to act and to recognize what He has done. It won't always happen the way it happened to me in this instance, but He will always answer a prayer of faith. And whether or not this was the kind of miracle I believe it was or not, last night I went to bed thinking about a problem developing in my eye and whether this was the start of something that might eventually lead to a loss of sight. Tonight I'm praising God that I'm OK for now and that, whatever He sends m way in the future, He loves me . He loves you, too.

I've been wanting a deeper prayer life. He has certainly taken me to another level over the past nineteen or twenty hours.

We may not always recogize them. They are not always obvious. God IS still in the miracle business!