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Monday, June 23, 2014

Compromising Positions

From Mirriam-Webster Online:

com·pro·mise noun \ˈkäm-prə-ˌmīz\

: a way of reaching agreement in which each person or group gives up something that was wanted in order to end an argument or dispute
: something that combines the qualities of two different things
: a change that makes something worse and that is not done for a good reason

I looked up the word "compromise" at 5 different dictionary sights. The wording may have been different, but the meaning is the same. I couldn't really find anything that paints "compromise" as the cat's meow. "Come and let us compromise" is not the same as "Come and let us reach an agreement". Conventional wisdom seems to be that compromise always results in something less than either, or any, involved party wanted in the first place. Then, I'm sure, there are those times when someone starts out with a lofty idea and proceeds to compromise down to what they really wanted. But, that's not a compromise, that's a con.

Is compromise really a good thing? Is it actually necessary?

Take marriage, for example . . . or friendship, or any love based relationship. It's not compromise that is needed, it's love. Where compromise happens the relationship is diminished. Where an act of love has taken place the relationship is strengthened. Do you feel like you have given something up? Or do you feel like you have added love?

We hear a lot about compromise in politics. I really don't know whether actual compromise takes place. It seems to be nothing more than a lot of deal making. "I will trade away my vote and my support of this if I can gain that." If this is compromise then it is easy to see honesty, integrity, hope, and promise compromised away.

It seems that compromise is never a win-win situation. It's, at best, lose-lose, but so often turns out lose-win.

Compromise as we experience it is rarely a good thing. It's only good when it accomplishes. It's only good when it strengthens. It's only good when it improves. It's only good when it supports. it's only good when it sustains. It's only good when it perfects. It's only good when it has a positive impact. It's only good when it's good. But, I really don't know if, by definition, it ever is good.

There is nothing wrong with standing firm in your convictions. In fact, that is always right . . . unless, of course, your convictions are wrong. God calls upon us as Christians to be in agreement with one another, but never to compromise.

For what it's worth, I would just say that when we are faced with the prospect of compromise, whether it be within ourselves or in some authority figure whom we support, ask the question, "Is something strengthened by this or weakened? Is something being built up here, or is something being destroyed? Is God leading in this, or is Satan, or the flesh, tempting or deceiving?"

We all have a choice:
Compromise with the compromisers . . . (that's as bad as it sounds!)
Stand with the standers.


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