If it doesn't count for Christ, it doesn't count.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Maybe if they heard that heart beating . . .

It was just after midnight and we were expecting our first grandchild to make her way into our world at any moment. It would be more than 18 hours later before she did. That was a memorable night. One thing I could not get over was sitting in that room listening to her heart beat over the monitor. It was just an amazing experience for me. There we were waiting for her. And there she was waiting to make her debut on her own terms. And that little heart was pumping away. It was real from day one, but that little while spent listening to her heart, her life, there in her mother's womb is an indescribable wonder. 

It was like she was in another room. Even now, it's still amazing. She was in there, living, sleeping . . . whatever babies do in there. But, there was no doubt that there was a little human being in there! And she was alive. And she was dependent on her mother for that life.

Here we are, the presidential election of 2016 just weeks away. Many are frustrated with the choices we have. But we do have a choice. One candidate claims to be for choice. She is in favor of a mother being given the choice to end that life, to put a stop to that heart beating within her. She is OK with the idea of a "medical" staff acting upon the desire of the mother to put an end to the life within her . . . the life that was depending on her above all to be protected and to one day breathe the sweet air of the life intended for her or him. She doesn't deny that there is life there. She simply says that a baby inside the womb has no constitutional right to life. It's funny, no, it's pathetic, that, when it suits her, she can step outside the constitution to declare "basic, fundamental rights of all". And, yes, there are rights that exist beyond our constitution. God given rights. She doesn't see life for developing, unborn babies to be among those. If they could vote, I'm sure she would find a way.

The other candidate (yes, I know we have third party candidates running, but they won't win, won't affect the issues, and will only skew the vote in one direction for one of the two major party candidates) states that he has evolved into a pro-life, anti-abortion stance.

I don't see ProLife as a purely Christian issue. The opposition likes to color it as a religious issue, as if that delegitimizes it in some way. Taking innocent life is wrong, Christian or not.

There are many issues to consider in this election. The future of our country as a land of the free, as we have known it, is very likely at stake. But, what kind of future does our country have when hundreds of thousands of innocent unborn babies, human beings, not lumps of tissue or Americans with no constitutional rights, are killed in the womb, or even on their way into the world, seconds away from taking that first breath. How can anyone hear, or know, that a heart is beating in there participate in any way in bringing that heart beat to a halt, knowing that a life has been cut short before it got a good start?

People wonder what our country has come to because of our choice of Presidential candidates.

People, in the most important areas of human existence, the right to life and the protection of innocent life, we passed the what-have-we-come-to watermark a long time ago.

What are you going to do about that when you go into the voting booth in November?


Post Script: I'm pretty sure that some women reading this have had an abortion, or are close to someone who has. Please know that I have nothing but love for you. More important than that, God loves you, and Jesus holds forgiveness for you. Maybe you have received that forgiveness and you know the peace that only He can give. I do not want to disturb that peace. You know better than I do why we must all work to end abortion. I pray that you constantly receive the ministering power of Christ. There is no guilt, no shame for those who know Jesus as Lord and Savior. There should be nothing but love and acceptance of you from all who love Christ just as they should receive the same from you. We have all fallen short. God bless you!