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Sunday, January 10, 2016

True Companions

She was very young when Amy took her in, little more than a baby. And from that moment on, where Amy went, she went, except for that year early on when Amy couldn't keep her. She was with Sharon and I then. She had visited many times before, but having her here as part of our household was a great joy. I was glad that Amy could take here back home, but I missed her just the same. Other than that they've been together, she and Amy.

They started out in Starkville when Amy was in college. They traveled to Florida and lived in Crestview, Florida for a few years before traveling further down to the West Coast of Florida to a new home together. From there, they traveled all the way up to Virginia together.

It was in Virginia that circumstances remade their family of three into a family of two. Amy was on her on, but she was not alone. She had great friends . . . wonderful friends, and she had her constant companion. It wasn't long before their family of two became a family of four! And they traveled together again, this time to Arizona.

Life has been different for her there, but good. She had a new brother to adjust to. They had their quarrels, but they grew to love one another, each in their own way. She kept that sweet spirit that went with her natural beauty. She was always beautiful. And I do believe a sweeter spirit could not be found in any earthly creature. Always she remains to our daughter Amy a true companion, and Amy her one safe place.

Amy's deep love for her shined through the difficulties of sickness and age. And Amy's husband, Michael, lovingly, whether that love is for Amy or her, or both, shared Amy's total commitment to her care and well being and quality of life. A great family, if it can be said that families are made of such. But, a visit . . . visits . . . to her doctor finally revealed that time was urgently short for her.

Amy hurried home yesterday when she got the news that her body could bear with this world no longer. She wanted to spend these last hours with her before their final trip to the doctor. They've been so many places together, but it was time for her to go on, and Amy couldn't travel with her this time. Well, it was not to be. KC, Kaci, KayCee (we never really knew how it was spelled, but it is pronounced CaSey) left on her own. When Amy walked through her door late yesterday evening Kaci's beautiful body was there, but her sweet spirit was gone.

It's sad. It's very sad. It hurts. Amy is heartbroken and I'll admit that it's hard to see my keyboard through these tears for them both. Fourteen years. They went through some tough, extremely difficult times together. Kacie may have denied Amy of those last hours, that long goodbye, that final comfort and assurance that Amy so wanted to give her. But, knowing Amy as I do, I really believe Kacie spared Amy of that heart-wrenching, guilt laden act that was to take place today. It was down to too hard or unbearable, hurt or wounded.

14 years for Amy was like 98 years for Kacie. A long time either way. I don't care who or what you are, you get to know each other over a lifetime. As hard as it is to have happened the way it did, I believe that it would have been harder as planned. For all of her life, Amy has made most of Kacie's decisions for her. For Amy, Kacie, in God's way, made her own final decision. A true companion to the end.

I just noticed on a Christmas card that Amy spells it Kacie, She's the authority, so Kacie it is.

A couple of videos you might want to watch are shown below.


Kacie was a rescue dog. Amy was her safe place.

And then there's this one. This is not Kaci, but it's a great family dog video. BTW, the song was actually written for his dog, in case you didn't know.