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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I'm Not Who I Was

I didn't expect to be making another post before Christmas, but this story just kind of called for one.   . . . sort of.(kind of sort of?)


We all have done things, right and wrong, that we will be remembered for for the rest of our lives. This may be his. I don't know him and I can't say. He is but one of many whose remembrance could well be determined by such things. But, some time within the next 50 years or so there will be people standing over his casket talking about the time he drowned that deer. The main thing at this point is will that particular topic end there, or will it go on to what he did with his life as a result of this.

Well, that's his business. But it is something that we all should think about. What will we be remembered for?. . . probably a myriad of things. There are always memories of long ago to enjoy or regret. But, what is the thing that defines us in the mind of a particular person? One single act in one single moment in time may well be the thing that forms another person's memory of us. What comes to mind first when they think of us, as in what kind of person am I in that person's mind?

People who met me later in life will likely have a different picture in their minds than some who knew me when I was young and foolish. What bothers me most is that there are a few people "back there" that I hurt or "did wrong". It wasn't my intention (I wasn't thinking enough to even have an intention beyond my own goals), but it was the only thing that could have happened under the circumstances. As opportunities have come along, I have tried to make it right.   . . . Well, "make it right" is perhaps a little too hopeful. There are things that you break that you can't fix. The past is one of those things.

I don't really think that time heals. It just kind of layers over. You dig down deep enough and it's still there. God heals. And I'm going to talk about one of the ways He does that. The only way? I don't know that, but probably the best way.

A sincere "I know I was wrong and I'm sorry" can go a long way. Sometimes it goes nowhere, and that's sad because it is often all we can do. We can't get defensive if it is not accepted because we messed up in the first place. And things may not be like they were before because we broke "before". We may get more, but the best we can hope for is something new. That's OK because "new" can be good, too. I can tell you, however it works out, it's worth a try.

Let me hurry to add that all this may appear to be something that we do for ourselves. And there is no avoiding the fact that, to some extent, it is. BUT, doing for ourselves is probably what caused the hurt, or the wrong, to begin with. So "all this" really needs to be attempted for that other person. I can also tell you that "That's O.K.", "Of course, you're forgiven", "I don't even remember that", etc, etc, doesn't change what happened or your desire to go back in time and do the right thing, say the right thing, be the right thing . . .

If this fits you, you'll feel better for trying. If you do this just to make yourself feel better you're probably going to fall short. But you will be better for trying. And it's the be that matters. I can't say that living with "it" is any easier, but the person it takes to try to heal is better and easier to live with than the person that caused the problem in the first place.

This is a long way from drowning a deer. But, for each of us it comes down to who we are and how we want to be remembered. To an extent, it's how we want to remember ourselves. "Did I at least try?" It's not always easy to find someone maybe even decades later and bring up something that you both would rather stay "dormant". And, again, it's not all about you. It's about trying to relieve someone else of the burden of the baggage you left behind. It's about trying to help heal a wound you inflicted, whatever that may be.

How we start is not nearly as important as how we finish. Finish well. Finish strong.

"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone." Romans 12:18  

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." Matthew 5:9

"Turn away from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it." Psalm 34:14

Just a "post thought" here. A person can forgive and be forgiven without ever being in touch with each other. BUT, I will go so far to say that you - I - owe it to that person to give them a chance to say it.

Don't forget, in this season of celebration of the arrival of our Lord and Savior who offers forgiveness full and free that He asks no more of us than He has done Himself.


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